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My POS (Click Here For ScreenShot) is a simple to use POS fitting and fuel calculator. The current revision is Version 2.6.1 and supports the following:

  • All standard and faction towers and fittings
  • Downloading POS information including current fuel levels through the EVE API
  • Saving / Loading of one or multiple towers to disk with its own file association
  • Saving / Loading of a tower fitting so it can be applied to different towers
  • Reading of POS low fuel evemails for quick access to how much more fuel you need
  • The ability to calculate fuel requirements for one or any infinite number of towers along with isk costs
  • Calculates the m3 needed along with percentage of tower space available
  • Online or Offline modules as needed to check fitting without having to remove and re-add over and over.
  • Exporting of tower fittings as plain text or BBCode.
  • Full moon location look-up through a offline moon database to tie the CCP Moon ID to your towers actual moon location. Any moon location that cannot be retrieved will have the system name retrieved instead.
  • New towers using the 64 bit TowerID are fully supported for both tower and fuel download.


The only requirement to run this program is the Microsoft Dot Net v2.0 Framework which can be downloaded from the Windows Update site or directly from the Microsoft Download site for free.


Download My POS v2.6.1 (Released 3/8/11 - 9,382 Kb)


Any problems or comments please post them to the Eve-Online forums or evemail me in game at Daisy Vinthyn. If you like the program and it helps you out I do accept gratuitous donations of isk. :)

Known Bugs: Not updated for new fuel blocks.

Source Code

I have been asked to release the source code of this program to make sure there are no key loggers or other malicious things going on and since I have nothing to hide I have decided to do so. This program uses the Developers Express controls library and as such I am supplying the source code but not the license information for this controls library. You will still be able to look through the files and if you have this set of controls you will be able to rebuild the executable. Otherwise you will have to go through the source manually. This software is being released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation:

Download My POS v2.5.0 Source Code (Visual Basic 2010 / Dot Net v2.0 SP1 Framework / Developers Express .Net v10.1)

2011. Copyright Cassandra's Light
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